Video & Lead Generation Campaign

About the project

We created two separate campaigns for ČSOB Pojišťovna. The first one was a video ad for winter insurance. In the humorous videos, we reminded people of all the situations that can happen during a winter vacation. The second campaign targeted women with children and potential new mothers. The goal of the campaign was to reach as many people possible with these emotional videos and to get the best view time results. We also collected leads for the sales of a special insurance.

1 497 154 video views
347 667 watch time
4 videos

Winter Insurance Video campaign

There can be many unexpected situations that can create complications at a winter vacation. Sometimes everything just goes wrong. We created a series of videos pointing these situations out. These videos helped increase the sales of winter insurance for ČSOB Pojišťovna.

Mommy, Branding & Lead Generation Campaign

We created a Facebook campaign to help introduce a new insurance product Mommy from ČSOB Pojišťovna to the wide public.


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