About the project

We handled campaign video production for the equity-crowdfunding company Fundlift. Our responsibility included script production, complete pre-production, and post-production. It was very important to us that the videos are as natural as possible, unlike the ones in TV campaigns.

78 % fully financed projects
9 crowdfunding videos
28 shooting days

Why choose video

The video is a key component of a successful crowdfunding campaign and the platform Fundlift is no exception. It might be your team that catches the eyes of investors, whom you can better convince to invest in your project knowing their funds will be safe and profitable. However, video production can be very difficult for companies and it is way easier for them to hire our agency that can produce videos quickly.

How does it all work?

Together with the client, we prepare a script and we consult him about talking on camera. Then we film the video in the client’s offices, in our studio or we are able to rent an alternative location for filming. All the filming has an easy-going vibe as it’s very important to us that the client enjoys the shoot because it reflects on the overall quality of the video. Next step is editing and choosing the right music from our wide collection. According to the client’s requests, we make corrections and hand over the final product. If the client wishes to use the video internationally, we are able to create subtitles in English as well.


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